Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Here are more comments on some of the statements made on the Appeals Board FAQ website on hearings. The next FAQ is as follows:

"Who is the judge?

The judge is employed by the Unemployment Insurance Appeal Board to decide if the determination made by the Department of Labor is correct or not. The judge is not connected to any side in the case. The judge is not connected to the Telephone Claim Center (TCC). The judge’s job is to make sure that everyone gets a fair chance to be heard. The judge knows the unemployment insurance law, evidence and procedure. The judge will review the evidence introduced at the hearing and will send you a written decision after the hearing."

I find all the judges knowledgable and fair. They will ask questions to both the Claimant and the Employer to get to what they feel is a critical issue in the matter. And Claimants should remember to be respectful - do not interrupt the judge when they are talking to you. Listen to the judge's questions and answer the question.

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