Friday, October 9, 2015


It would appear there is an attempt is being made by mortgage broker groups to delay the penalty period for TRID non-compliance:

I attended a TRID training seminar recently and the consensus is that because residential sales must be handled differently, some of the past practices will no longer apply. Buyers, and Sellers, should now be made aware that this cannot be an accelerated process and attorneys should advise Sellers and Buyers of the effect of the TRID rules.

Thursday, October 8, 2015


Today I begin my second year of volunteering as a student mentor. This program is offered through the Nassau County Bar Association:

"Student Mentors
Provide valuable adult guidance and serve as a role model for at-risk middle school students in one-on-one sessions at a local middle school. The commitment is twice a month for less than an hour, but the rewards you receive are immeasurable. Mentors are always in demand.
→Contact Demi Tsiopelas at NCBA 516-747-4070 or"

Wednesday, October 7, 2015


My kids asked me about this and I found this information:

From the DMV website:

"Can I have tinted windows on my vehicle?

It depends. Section 375 (12-a) of the NYS Vehicle and Traffic Law does not allow a windshield or front side windows that are dark. The windshield and front side windows cannot block more than 30% of the light. Seventy percent or more of the light from the outside must pass through the window. This law also applies to the rear window unless the vehicle has outside rear-view mirrors on both sides. The mirrors must give the driver a full and clear view behind the vehicle.

If the vehicle is classified as a station wagon, sedan, hardtop, coupe, hatchback or convertible, the rear side windows must also allow at least seventy percent of light from the outside to pass through the window.

It is illegal to sell, offer for sale, or install glass that does not comply with this law. It is illegal to operate a vehicle with glass that does not comply with this law.

If you have a medical condition that requires you to have tinted vehicle windows, you can request an exemption from the law. Request form MV-80W from a DMV Office or Call Center."

Some further DMV links:

1. On obtaining convictions and standard of proof:

2. On obtaining  an exemption for medical reasons:

Tuesday, October 6, 2015



 "Good afternoon,
Consumers applying for most mortgages now face less stress when shopping for their loan since our new rule and forms took effect on October 3. We made these changes to ease the process of taking out a mortgage, help you save money, and ensure you Know Before You Owe.
Learn more about Know Before You Owe:
In addition to making it easier to understand these forms, the Know Before You Owe mortgage disclosure rule:
  • Combines four overlapping disclosure forms into two forms, the Loan Estimate and the Closing Disclosure.
  • Allows you time to review your Closing Disclosure to ensure you fully understand terms and obligations.
Check out how these new Know Before You Owe measures will better serve consumers and lenders today:
Thank you,
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau"

Monday, October 5, 2015


I will be volunteering today, Monday October 5, at the Nassau County Bar Association's free clinic for Mortgage Foreclosure, Bankruptcy and Superstorm Sandy issues. 
For more information, contact Nassau County Bar Association, 15th and West Streets, Mineola, NY 11501 at (516) 747-4070

Friday, October 2, 2015


October 3 is the start date for the new Loan Estimate and Closing Disclosure requirements a/k/a the “Truth-in-Lending RESPA Integrated Disclosure” Rule a/k/a TRID that will combine two existing disclosure regimes under TILA and RESPA and make mortgage disclosure easier for consumers to understand and use.

According to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau:

For some other views on this see:

Thursday, October 1, 2015


October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence has called for a national day of awareness and will Take a Stand Against Domestic Violence On October 1, 2015 in Washington DC and across the nation.  There will be a a national "moment of silence" for the victims of domestic violence at 11:00 am EST.

For more information, see