Thursday, July 19, 2012


This instruction is basically set forth in Appeal Board Regulation Section 463.1:

"(f) Notice of receipt of appeal.

The board shall send notice of receipt of appeal to the commissioner, the claimant, the employer and their duly designated representatives. Each notice of receipt of appeal to the board shall include the following statement and the parties shall be granted the following rights:

(1) All communications should cite the above appeal number.

(2) The appeal board usually decides appeals without a new hearing. It relies on evidence taken at the administrative law judge hearing and the written arguments of the parties on appeal. The board will not consider any evidence not introduced at the administrative law judge hearing unless all parties consent or it is made part of the record at a further hearing. In its discretion the board may hold an additional hearing.

(3) Each of the parties may submit, in writing, requests to inspect the minutes of the hearing, or statements, documents or briefs to be considered in connection with this appeal. Two copies of such written requests, statements, documents or briefs must be mailed, within seven days from the date of this notice, addressed to the Unemployment Insurance Appeal Board, P.O. Box 15126, Albany, NY, 12212-5126. An attorney-at-law, or representative, must mail a copy of the statement, document or brief to each of the other parties, and their attorneys and representatives, and certify to the board that this has been done. Each party may submit such statement, document or brief only once. Subsequent statements, documents or briefs will be returned to the party.

(4) Upon written request, arrangements may be made to inspect the minutes of the administrative law judge hearing or to borrow the minutes for the purpose of making a copy thereof at the party's expense. The request to make such arrangements must be made within seven days from the date of the notice of receipt of appeal. In such event, the time to submit written statements, documents or briefs shall be 20 days from the date when that party is sent notice that the transcript is available for inspection or copying.

(5) If another party submits statements, documents or briefs on this appeal, you will receive copies and will have 12 days to reply in writing. The 12 days to reply is measured from the date when the copies were mailed to you. A party may submit a reply at only one time. Subsequent replies will be returned to the party.

(6) Any party may make a written request for an extension of the above time limits to submit a statement, document, brief or reply. The request must give the specific reasons why the time limit cannot be met. Extensions will only be granted if the request establishes good cause to excuse the delay. Unless an extension has been granted, any submission mailed after the times specified here shall be returned to the party.

(7) Parties may be represented by lawyers or other persons of their choice on appeal before the appeal board. For representing a claimant, a lawyer or agent registered by the appeal board may charge a fee. Before the claimant pays the representative any fee, the fee must be approved by the appeal board. No other person may charge a fee for representing a claimant. If you do not have enough money to hire a lawyer or registered agent, you may be able to get one free through your local Legal Aid Society or Legal Services Program.

(8) If you have any questions, contact the board at the above address."

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