Tuesday, August 5, 2014


Continuing with the DOL notice "Important Notice to Employers - How to Keep Your Unemployment Insurance (UI) Costs Down" - the following has some items highlighted:

"2. Review notices of benefit entitlement or payment.

The Department will send you a Notice of Potential Charges (LO 400) when we determine that a former employee of yours is eligible to collect UI benefits. You can verify that UI benefits paid to former employees are correct based on the wage information. To ensure your account is completely credited, you must report any discrepancy in wage information or disqualifying information on the Notice of Potential Charges (LO 400) within 10 calendar days of the date on the notice. In most cases, this information will affect UI benefit payments from the date it is received.

The Department charges UI benefits paid to claimants to the account of the employers for whom the claimant worked. Every UI benefit payment charged to an employer’s experience rating account may increase their UI rate in future years. Employers are advised, via the Notice of Experience Rating Charges (IA 96), of all UI benefit payments to former employees that are charged to their accounts. This gives you the opportunity to report any UI benefit payments you believe were made incorrectly. If charges appear incorrect for any other reason, contact the Department’s UI Liability and Determination Section at the address in the letterhead.

Promptly contact the Department of Labor Telephone Claim Center at 1-888-890-5090 if you believe the claimant is currently working or otherwise not entitled to UI benefits. If you are in a position to re-employ the claimant, contact the claimant directly. You can find the claimant’s address on the Notice of Potential Charges (LO 400). In order to maximize savings to potential charges on your account, notify us as soon as possible if the claimant refuses rehire, fails to report to work, or if you are unable to contact them."

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