Friday, May 1, 2015



Last night, I was quite moved and  slightly scared... so if I could repeat the speech, I would first thank Martha for the wonderful introduction I received, the warm reception from all attending, the NCBA for the beautiful plague I received, the county for the wonderful citation, and everyone for allowing my children to attend the dinner.

I would then thank again the Bar Association who have sponsored so many pro bono events like Senior Clinic, Foreclosure/Sandy clinic, Student Mentoring as well as allowing me to serve on the Lawyers Assistance Committee, and that is just to name a few.  I would like to thank Nassau/Suffolk Law Services for the many opportunities to assist families facing eviction in landlord/tenant court as well as the several low income matrimonial disputes that I handled and certain guardianship consultations. And of course The Safe Center where I learned in their training program and the several cases I was assigned a new perspective in matrimonial disputes.

I would have also mentioned Hofstra School of Law which has a bi-annual veterans clinic which has been a further honor. And also the courts because to be a Part 137 Arbitrator for the Supreme Court has been most instructive.

I apologize for not mentioning all the names of the people who are involved in these   programs - there are so many. But I thank you all.

Again, it is my children who inspired be to perform Pro Bono work - it makes be a better person, which makes me a better father, which makes me a better lawyer and (since some of you know of my other career as Jon Avner, it also makes me a better actor.)

Again, my humble thanks.

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