Wednesday, October 8, 2014


According to an email from Empire Justice Center:

"The 2014-15 New York State budget contains Article VII legislation that amends SSL 106 to clearly state that HEAP, child care and SNAP cannot be charged against welfare mortgages.  Although this was true before the law was amended, the rules appeared only in regulation and sub-regulatory materials resulting in errors in the calculation of these mortgages.  The errors have been particularly egregious since there is no right to a fair hearing to challenge erroneous liens. 18 NYCRR 358-3.1(f)(5).  Effective May 30, 2014, the bill requires a signed acknowledgement from all applicants who are asked to sign a welfare mortgage that  
  • HEAP, child care and food stamps cannot be charged against the mortgage;
  • Child support retained by the district, as well as any other payment (lottery winnings, etc.), must be applied to reduce the mortgage;
  • That a person can refuse to sign a mortgage and still get a grant for their children."

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