Friday, June 11, 2010


Yesterday, I volunteered to offer pro bono representation of homeowners on behalf of the Nassau County Bar Association for the 11:00am mandatory conference session. I will again volunteer on June 17. But yesterday, there were several homeowners who attended without representation and only one spoke to me. The help is there but it appears fewer are willing to use it. What seems to be happening is that many homeowners are just discussing their cases with the bank's attorney and not seeking advice from their own. But with the one party that I spoke to, a pro se answer was filed by the party and this will delay the foreclosure process for the homeowner while the homeowner seeks to sell, modify, etc.

One other word of note: there are two sessions Monday through Thursday: 11am and 2pm but only one calendar posted outside the courtroom so when you read the calendar posting, you will see both sessions listed. So number 1 on the calendar may be for the 11am session and number 3 for the 2pm session and number 8 for the 11am session, etc.

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