Saturday, June 5, 2010


Recently, in a LinkedIn discussion group for Family Lawyers, we had a discussion about the high incidences of perjury in matrimonial actions and the devastating effects it has on family relations. I had pointed out that my experience was that perjury incidences exist in all litigations and that devastating effects on family relationships exist not just in matrimonial actions but in dispute regarding estate matters, guardianships, health proxies, burial issues, family loans, etc. Some of you may have had these experiences yourself, may have read about it in celebrity cases, etc. What to do? Advice ranges from that you should make your estate plans yearly and have a family meeting early so that all family members are aware to keeping your estate plans secret until your death. I would imagine that any method may open a "cans of worms", as I realize that poor family health is not a legal matter but many legal matters arise out of poor family mental health.

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