Thursday, June 17, 2010


Today, I offer pro bono representation of homeowners on behalf of the Nassau County Bar Association (NCBA)for the 11:00am mandatory conference session in mortgage foreclosure actions. Again: there are two sessions Monday through Thursday: 11am (but not on Tuesday) and 2pm and one 9:30 session on Friday but only one calendar posted outside the courtroom so when you read the calendar posting, you will see both sessions listed. So number 1 on the calendar may be for the 11am session and number 3 for the 2pm session and number 8 for the 11am session, etc. Also, as a note to all volunteer attorneys, from the NCBA:

"Please remember to sign the Nassau County Bar Association Pro Bono Representation Conference form with the names of the clients you spoke with at your session. (The clerk of the court should have the forms) This enables us to have the appropriate malpractice coverage in place for you during this session. However, you must be a member of the Nassau County Bar Association. I have attached a checklist which may help you during the conferences. Additionally, from time to time, you may have observers who wish to volunteer in the future. If so, please let me know who observed.

We now have a Nassau Bar Tablecloth and pamphlets with the list of housing agencies and regarding lawyer referral. They are kept in a box behind the gate. When you arrive, ask the clerk for the box, and when you leave at the end of the day and file your certificate, give it back for safe keeping overnight. If you need additional documents please let me know.

Gale D. Berg, Esq.
Director of Pro Bono Attorney Activities
Nassau County Bar Association"

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