Thursday, September 15, 2016


There are many online articles, etc. and advice as to what an attorney should do when an online "bad review" is posted, whether on Yelp, Avvo, etc. Perhaps it is to take some action and perhaps it is to ignore.

Recently, the Nassau County Bar Association issued an ethics opinion on one thing an attorney cannot and should not do: "A lawyer may not disclose a former client's confidential information solely to respond to criticism of the lawyer posted on the Internet or a website by a relative of the former client or by the former client himself."

Nassau County Bar Association Opinion No. 2016-01(Inquiry No. 2016- 005)

Note: As a Part 137 Arbitrator in Nassau County, and as an attorney myself, I understand and accept that not everyone is going to like an attorney's work. And they will state that - to friends, online, etc. Paul Newman, the actor, once said: "don't believe the bad reviews...and don't believe the good ones either".

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