Sunday, November 1, 2009


Just a reminder that starting today, New York will become the latest state to move to prevent drivers from being distracted while at the wheel. A new law that takes effect forbids the use of mobile devices for reading, typing and sending text messages when traveling roadways. “The risks associated with texting while driving are well documented,” Paterson said in a statement. “As we learn more and more about just how dangerous this practice can be, I urge all New Yorkers to drive with caution and get in the habit of putting their cell phones away while driving to protect their own lives and the lives of others.” Nearly 20 states have approved bans on the practice of operating a motor vehicle while texting. New York becomes the 13th state to enforce its ban. Colorado and North Carolina texting bans are slated to take effect Dec. 1. Illinois, Oregon and New Hampshire are scheduled to start enforcing their laws Jan. 1.

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