Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Congratulations! The Department of Labor has determined you are entitled to benefits. You start receiving your monies but wait - you get a notice that your employer is contesting the determination and has requested a hearing. You panic - DON'T! You are ahead of the game. Most claimants have been denied benefits and are awaiting hearings to collect monies. You are in the envious position of already receiving your benefits and I believe that only under extraordinary circumstances will an administrative law judge reverse a determination of qualification and eligibility for benefits. As soon as possible, retain an attorney or a certified representative or prepare for the hearing yourself by learning as much as you can from the Appeals Board website. Gather your witnesses, documents, etc. and don't rush for a hearing. Claim your benefits every week, collect them, and, if possible, try to get a later date for the hearing because you are receiving benefits and you don't want a possible adverse determination made quickly that you are disqualified or ineligible. Time is on your side.

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