Wednesday, November 18, 2009


This is a post I recently made to the NYS Department of Labor Facebook page and is just a reminder to all:

"Hello: I am an attorney and I represent many claimants in hearings in Nassau County. I would just like to let claimants know that, in my opinion: (1) if you request a hearing regarding a denial or benefits, or (2) if your employer requests a hearing regarding the granting of benefits, and if you want someone to represent you at the hearing, I feel it is best to contact the attorney early and not just a few days before the hearing date. Personally, I like to prepare my cases, review the file, meet with you, research the law, etc....and for me, I cannot do that on 2 days notice. Also, at times, you should consult an attorney while you are still employed and are having issues with your employment. It may help you later when your right to benefits is being disputed. I am posting this because lately, I have received many calls to the effect: "I have a hearing tomorrow - can you represent me?""

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