Thursday, November 19, 2009


This is another post I recently made to the NYS Department of Labor Facebook page and is just a reminder to all:

"Hello: Just another suggestion as I am an attorney representing claimants in hearings in Nassau County: if there is a dispute regarding your benefits, and you receive a questionnaire from the Department of Labor, please retain a copy of it with your answers, or if questions are asked over the phone, please take notes. For hearings, it is best to know what you stated to the Department of Labor and avoid inconsistent statements."

And may I add, if possible, go the hearing office as soon as you get your hearing date and try to obtain a copy of the papers that your employer submitted to the Department of Labor. These papers can clarify the issue for your attorney and can also be used for you, i.e., on issues of credibility if there are inconsistent statements, etc.

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