Sunday, September 6, 2009


Recently, I was asked to handle a case pro bono where an individual wanted to challenge the decision of a zoning board. That individual also claimed to have the support of the community. Unfortunately, I had to decline because the costs of such a litigation can be extremely high but I suggested to the individual to form an association and, together, fight the zoning board. I also suggested that they contact the press and any local politician to gain support. Well that was just what happened with a group of residents in Merrick, Seaford and Wantagh in their fight against companies that have been installing wireless antenna systems on utility poles in front of their homes. The press constantly reported it. Finally, two individuals and a homeowners group instituted an action against the Town of Hempstead and for their attorney, they obtained a Democrat running for the county legislature. Sometimes, when private legal representation is unavailable, a little "grass roots movement" can accomplish a lot.

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