Saturday, March 27, 2010


I have written on this topic before but bring it up again as on several consultations it has been revealed that some Claimants, for whatever reason,have not been willing to provide counsel with a complete statement of facts and documents. Because of the nature of these hearings and the inability to obtain discovery, it is important for the Claimant to provide the attorney with a complete statement of facts and supporting documents. Some of the information can be classified as follows, to be furnished to the lawyer or representative in typewritten form:

1. Name

2. Addresses

3. Telephone numbers

4. Fax number

5. Email address

6. Employer

7. Occupation

8. Date of birth

9. Social security number

10. United States citizen? Immigration status:

11. What are the names of any other lawyers you have ever consulted regarding this case?

12. Describe and attach any papers you been served with concerning this case.

13. Describe any documents you have relating to this case.

14. Do you have access to your files or papers relating to this case?

15. Identify any witnesses or people with knowledge of the facts of this case.

16. Describe any statements you have made to anyone concerning this case.

17. MOST IMPORTANT - Describe in chronological order, a history of your relationship and issues concerning your employment. I will go more into this later.

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