Sunday, March 14, 2010


An interesting consultation where it appeared that an employer, in order to avoid it's "workers" being considered as "employees", engaged in an elaborate set up involving stock ownership, partnership, various contracts, etc. in their position that it's "workers" are not "employees" under the Unemployment Insurance Law. My advice is to first contact the New York State Department of Labor at the address below. If you believe that some of your workers are independent contractors, of if you are a worker and are unsure of your status, ask the DOL's Liability and Determination Section for a formal determination by writing to the address below. Include a copy of any contract and details of the relationship between the parties.

New York State Department of Labor
Unemployment Insurance Division
Liability and Determination Section
P.O. Box 15122
State Office Building Campus
Albany, New York 12212-5122
Fax 518 485-6172

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