Tuesday, March 30, 2010


In the statement of facts that I referred to earlier, there are some basic facts that should of course be given by the Claimant:

1. Name of employer.

2. Nature of employer's business.

3. What date Claimant began employment.

4. How did Claimant obtain the employment.

5. What was Claimant employed as, viz job title.

6. What was Claimant's duties.

7. Was the job a union job.

8. Claimant's pay history.

9. The hours and days Claimant worked, viz., Claimant's regular schedule and actual schedule.

10. Whether Claimant received evaluations in writing or orally.

11. When was the last day of employment and what happened that day.

These questions, these facts, will be brought up at the hearing and may be determinative of the Claimant's case.

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