Monday, July 18, 2016


PAGE VAULT software allows legal professionals to easily capture webpage content (social media, corporate websites, blog posts) in a way that is forensically defensible and legally admissible. With one click, webpages are archived exactly as they appear online, key metadata is automatically stored, and an easy-to-share output file is created. Captures can be immediately downloaded or imported into standard eDiscovery platforms.

Affidavits are also available that attest to the patent-pending architecture that preserves an evidential chain of custody. In addition to software solutions, Page Vault also offers Collection Services to assist law firms with complex webpage and website captures. This service is especially suitable for high-volume capture projects, such as websites containing large numbers of pages.

Note: NYSBA members can save 10% for any month-to-month subscription, and 20% off for any annual subscription.


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