Monday, July 25, 2016


Bye Bye Love was a 1995 American comedy-drama film that deals with the central issue of divorce and parenting time. If you ever saw the movie, you would have realized that production costs were underwritten by McDonald's product placement as one of the key plots was that the children were always picked up or dropped off at McDonald's.

According to one attorney, this is a great idea and states:

"These days, I see more court orders for McDonald’s to be utilized as a pick-up/drop-off point for children than anywhere else. McDonald’s serves the goal of having a public place that is well-lit at night, and you are less likely to have a confrontation. McDonald’s also has surveillance cameras deployed, and there are always witnesses. Every parent seems to know the locations of every McD’s!"

For the full article, read the blog of Joshua Katz, Esq.:

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